A new path is filling my days with joy and satisfaction: Working with Esther Boukema from Smaak te Pakken and teaching children about the wonders of taste, food origin, and the world that surrounds us – and of course, cooking!
Our journey has (hopefully) only begun and I am excited to continuing on this path together.
October 2022:
Since most recently, I am part of Rethinking Foods – Transformative Times
a research project by With Company  on Food Futures.
Following the question "How does Memory impact the Adoption of new Food Habits?", we are investigating the interrelation between memory, future foods, trends, adoption moments, and food systems.
More about the project on rethinkingfoods.transformative-times.com
my short documentary
Projekt FreiRaum – ein Ort verschwindet // Room to Roam – a project disappears
has now its own website!
Der Film ist nun online!!!
Hier zur deutschen Version:
The film is now online!!!
Here to the English/subtitled version:
Genau ein Jahr nach der offiziellen Premiere feierte "Projekt FreiRaum – ein Ort verschwindet" seine erste offizielle online Ausstrahlung!
Am Mittwoch, 22.06.2022 um 20 Uhr war es soweit!
Vielen Dank, dass ihr dabei wart!

Precisely one year after the official premiere of "Room to Roam – a project disappears', the film celebrated its first ever online broadcast!
Wednesday, 22.06.2022 at 8pm!
Thank you to everyone who was there!
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