Hello and welcome!
My name is Zoë.
I produce films, conceptualize videos, and I am a passionate photographer. With a perception for the unusual in the usual,
I try to capture subjects and details in their most authentic essence.
Being an enthousiast cook and food creative, I am more and more involved in food education.

My Work
Regarding videography, I have been working with artists and cultural organizations, having recorded music live sessions and music videos, as well as conceptualized corporate videos, or produced a short documentary, for instance. My experience ranges from the concept phase to the final delivery.
Creative Cooking & Food Education is the newest of my paths.
I passionately cook and create plant-based menus with regional and seasonal ingredients. At Stadsboerderij Osdorp in Amsterdam is mainly where I cook for larger groups.
I am also an assistant teacher for Smaak te Pakken: food and taste education for children.
Being fascinated by language and communication in general, I love working (together) with people. I constantly seek to implement this in my work – be it on the verbal basis or in form of concept revision and proofreading, interviews (for video/audio/written), or translation, for instance.
Another part of my work is graphic design and illustration.
Often, both métiers are fused in my creations, resulting in the use of diverse techniques and materials, analogue as well as digital.
My aim is to connect the aesthetic with clear communication.

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